PARTY OF FIVE explores the lives of the Salingers, three brothers and two sisters determined to remain a family following the tragic loss of their parents. Winner of the 1996 Golden Globe Award for Best Drama Series, the one-hour drama from Columbia Pictures Television, airing Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT) on FOX, focuses on the way the family uses the creativity, humour and love instilled by their parents to deal with the conflicts and demands of everyday life.


Charlie (Matthew Fox), the oldest Salinger at 29, found himself legal guardian of his siblings. Forced to give up his care-free lifestyle, Charlie moved back into the Salinger home and took a crash course in responsibility, namely acting as father figure to his four siblings and running Salingers', their father's restaurant. Now, after battling Hodgkin's disease, he is ready to seek a new lease on life, and after giving up Salingers' to brother Bailey, is looking forward to having his first child with his girlfriend, Daphne.

After a tough year of sobriety, 20-year-old Bailey (Scott Wolf), no longer on probation for drunken driving, regains not only his freedom but his confidence. He finally has found something that he is not only good at, but that also gives him a sense for purpose--owning and running the family restaurant, Salingers'. And his relationship with Sarah (Jennifer Love Hewitt) fuels him as well as the two moves from friendship to romance.

For the past year, 19-year-old Julia (Neve Campbell) has struggled in a marriage that was less than ideal. She and husband Griffin (Jeremy London) have truly put to the test their marriage vows "for better or worse" and have decided that a separation is the only move that will save their relationship as Julia embarks on her first year of college.

Fifteen-year-old Claudia (Lacey Chabert), has traditionally been the one to ensure the family unit stays together. But, Charlie's illness has made her reflect on her own future, and she is determined not to waste her musical talent, even if pursuing her education takes her far from home.

Together, the four older Salingers share the responsibility of taking care of the youngest family member, four-year-old Owen (Jacob Smith), as he grows up.

The Salinger clan has faced many challenges over the last four seasons. In season one, the family was brought face to face with the man who killed their parents in the pivotal episode entitled "Thanksgiving." In season two, Charlie intended to marry his fiancee, Kirsten (Paula Devicq), but faced with his continuing fear of real commitment, she ultimately left him at the altar in the well-received episode "The Wedding." Also, in season two, Julia and Justin (Michael Goorjian) were thrown into adulthood when she became pregnant and had to decide whether to keep the baby or have an abortion in the critically acclaimed episode entitled "Before and After." And, the family was reunited with their long-lost grandfather, Jake (Carroll O'Connor), a man incapable of family commitment. He eventually slipped out of the family's life as quickly as he had arrived.

Season three brought the Salingers their most difficult obstacles since the death of their parents, and Bailey the most challenging time of his life as his college partying escalated into a serious drinking problem. And the family, in a desperate effort to help him, planned an intervention that ultimately failed. Even the disclosure from family friend Joe (Tom Mason) that their father was an alcoholic did not persuade Bailey to seek treatment. Only seeing Sarah in the hospital, a result of his drinking and driving, sent him to his first AA meeting. And, Bailey's fight to stay sober is, and will continue to be, an ongoing struggle for both him and his family.

Also in season three, Julia rekindled her romance with Griffin and abandoned her plans to go to college -- a decision that put a wedge between her and older brother Charlie. But, Julia shocked the family even more when she and Griffin married in a hasty ceremony before a judge.

Charlie's battle with Hodgkin's disease in season four brought everyone closer as they confronted the possibility that death could strike the family once again. Charlie's radiation treatments rendered him unable to take care of Claudia, Owen, or the restaurant. Unable to serve as their guardian, Social Services threatened to remove the two younger Salingers from the home.

Winner of the 1995 Humanities Prize for writing, PARTY OF FIVE has garnered the praise of critics. TV Guide says "this dynamite drama belongs on your can't miss list." John Podhoretz of the New York Post says PARTY OF FIVE is an "extraordinarily impressive show" adding that it is "terrifically intelligent...and beautifully acted." And, Matt Roush of USA Today adds that PARTY OF FIVE is "a sweet and emotionally compelling drama."

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