Natalie Imbruglia Notes


Natalie Jane Imbruglia Biography 

Born: On the 4th of February 1975
Lives: In a flat in northwest London in the area Maida Vale.
Family: Mother Australian, father Italian (Eliot Imbruglia) and 3
younger sisters.
Childhood: Grew up in a small beach town on the New South Wales coast
called Berkleyvale, Natalie spent much of her free time on the beach as
there was not much else you could do, according herself.
Career: Began dancing at the age of 2, moved on to a special academy
to dance 6 days-a-week, Natalie got her first experience in front of the
spotlight shooting a Japanese bubble gum commercial as a pinnacle
princess. At the age of 17 Natalie was offered a 2-week trial to play
the character Beth Brennan in the Aussie soap "Neighbours". Her
character became so popular that Natalie stayed for 2 more years.
And then, after not being allowed to get her hair cut for 2 years on
"Neighbours" Natalie went straight to the nearest hairdresser to cut her
hair to beautiful style we see today. After a crisis of confidence as
she reveals herself Natalie travelled to London for the first time in
her life to find out what she wanted to do with her life. After 2 years
of going to parties and night-clubbing Natalie eventually got bored of
just hanging around so she hooked up some people in London to record

an album, Natalie decided to start a singing career.
Hobbies: Being with friends, sometimes do some yoga and to surf (on a
board that is).
Listens to: Radiohead and the Swedish pop group Kent.
This she thinks
about herself:
"I never fancied myself when I was younger, I wasn't the blonde surfing
chick. No, I was the Italian looking girl with goggle eyes and big lips.
And now I look like hell!"
Boyfriends: Not a favourite subject if you ask Natalie herself but an
example is none other than David Schwimmer from "Friends".
Favourite dish: Likes vegetarian food and hates meat.
Favourite UK soap: Coronation street.
Thoughts about the press: "If I had any dogs buried they would have been dug up by now. The
press can't beat me. When they annoy me I just think about princess
Diana. I'm living a dream compared to what she must have gone through
with the press".

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