Ever looked for a site with a chat room that has people all wanting to talk about the same thing? You've probably answered 'no!'. Well in my chat room we all chat about people like Alicia Silverstone, Lacey Chabert, Natalie Imbruglia and Robin Tunney or groups like Aqua or the Spice Girls. I do allow people just to chat in general but I like to see others sharing their thoughts on things featured in my site. If you feel like chatting feel free to get a free password and user name and chat to whoever you like. If you'd like to chat to me drop me a line at fdicola@netspace.net.au and tell me so. But for now enjoy my chat room and please come again soon.

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 This chat room may feature inappropriate themes for young children so I have issued a rating for this page. My Boardroom is rated: