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Info on SOREN

"People either puke when they hear Aqua, or they like it." So said Soren to a UK magazine recently and let's face it - he's probably right. Aqua's is the sort of music which attracts no wishy-washy response, and together with Claus Norreen, Soren is chiefly responsible for establishing Aqua in the first place and producing said chunder-making melodies. He's not afraid to experiment; the first single that made the grade in their home country, My Oh My, found he and Claus playing 17th century instruments instead of the usual 20th century gismos. Hmmm.
Success has been a long time coming for Soren and the band, but when it finally hit, it with big: "I think it's because we dared to be a bit different," Soren explains, "and got lucky!" First and foremost, it's making music that Soren loves: all the other trappings of fame he's not that bothered about. "It's not much fun when we have about 27 interviews in one day," he said recently. He misses his family too. "We only get to see them every couple of months or so."
Whether he likes it or not, he's not likely to see that much of them in the future either, as Aqua continue their inexorable rise to the top of Planet Pop!

Name: Søren Rasted
Nicknames: Spike, Champ, Sønne
Date of birth: 13. June 1969
Place of birth: Blovstrød, Denmark
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark / light
Height: 187 cm.
Weight: 76 kg.
Sisters and Brothers: 1 big brother and 1 big sister
Parents job: My father is an architect an my mother a full-time housewife
Place of residence: Copenhagen City
Marks: The smile and the spikes
Favourite group/soloist: The The and Nina Hagen
Favourite food: Desserts and free food
Favourite movie: Evil Death 2
Favourite TV-show: NYPD Blue
Favourite book: Piano for beginners
Favourite property: My soup/pasta/vegetables casserole
Favourite clothes: Long pants and White Zombie T-shirt
Car/motor cycle/bike: Cycle and Motorcycle
Pet: My parents dog "Snoopy"
Hobby: To write lyrics and music, to play music, yes actually Aqua
Best experience: When I personally met Tommy Seebach after a concert in Farum (Denmark?)
Worst experience: Black off pist in St. Anton
Biggest strength: ??
Biggest weakness: Girls
What are you doing in a few years: Then I'm hospitalised at Herlev Hospital with broken back and spotted upper lip
Education: H. H.
Earlier jobs: Economics + petrol pump attendant
The career height: Now - Aqua - maybe tomorrow
Heroes and models: Matt Johnson


Info on CLAUS

There's obviously something about being in Aqua that brings on an urge to have a bizarre hairdo, and Claus Norreen is no exception. Although his scarlet, gravity defying coiffure is probably the least outrageous of all the Aqua gang...
Claus, the other founder member of Aqua, first knew Soren back at school in Copenhagen. Soren had a stint at school in the States and when he came back, rang up Claus and suggested they get together to make music. And that's how it all began.
Claus is the quiet member of the band, but as René says, when he talks, the others listen. One of the nicest things about Aqua is that they don't take themselves too seriously. They like making music and that is what it's all about, after all. "We're just not those real 'celeb people' who like to go to everything," says Claus. Fair enough. Just as long as they keep churning out brilliant pop anthems!


Name: Claus Norreen
Nickname: The Red, red, rote, Claude
Place of birth: Charlottenlund, Denmark
Date of birth: June 5. 1970
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Dark/light (red)
Height: 187 cm.
Weight: 73 kg.
Sisters: 2 big sisters
Parents work: Hardworking pensioners
Girlfriend: That would have been funny!
Place of residence: Wonderful Copenhagen
Marks: Prins pillefinger
Favourite group/soloist: It is few - that I don't like
Favourite food: All food
Favourite movie: Bladrunner
Favourite TV-program: I'm a zapper!
Favourite book: The Name of the Rose
Favourite property: My credit
Favourite clothes: Clean clothes
Car/motor cycle/bike: Old Indish cycle
Pet: A cat
Hobby: My work!
Best experience: There is many!
Worst experience: Dead about friends and family
Biggest strength: Patience
Biggest weakness: Darkhaired girls
What are you doing in a few years: Music and children
Education: Student
Earlier jobs: Cleaning, filling station attendant and clothes attendant
The career height: The first time the audience song with us!
Heroes and models: Hmmm..




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