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If it's Lene's bright red wave of hair that first strikes you about her, it's the shining bald bounce of Aqua's other lead singer that first hits you about him. Gravel voiced René Dif played the Ken to Lene's Barbie in the band's massive first hit, and the song holds hints of René's background: as a rap artist.
He was also a Hip Hop DJ in his native Denmark, and it was while he was spinning platters in the studio that he first ran into Claus and Soren, about eight years ago. He made his own particular contribution to the band when he found Lene and asked her to join them. And the rest, as they say, is (rather long) history. His own musical influences are chiefly rap and soul, which must be pretty obvious from listening to Aquarium, the band's debut album, and its those brilliant rap contributions that help give the Europop flavour a bit of weight.
Now that Aqua's a massive success, René appears to be finding life rather fun. When asked recently what the best thing about being in the band was, he replied,
"Everything! It's amazing that you can travel so much and meet people from all over the world." He was particularly chuffed when the band were given a gold disc for selling a quillon copies of Barbie Girl in the States, and their record company threw a huge party for them in Hollywood. One drawback about life in the fame fast lane, though, is being separated from his family. René acknowledges the support all their parents gave to them before they made it big and now he spends time with his family "every free minute". When the band are away, which is pretty often, these days, he says they all telephone home every day. One assumes, then, that his phone bill this year is going to reach mega-proportions, as the band are about to embark on a string of dates all over the world. Once Aqua is a bigger global success than even the Spice Girls, he may think it's worth it!


Name: René Dif
Nickname: Dif, Påsan, Diffedrengen
Date of birth: 17. October 1967
Place of birth: Frederiksberg, Denmark
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Hair?
Height: 187 cm.
Weight: 89 kg.
Parents job: At a hospital
Girlfriend: No time to that!
Brothers and Sisters: Many!
Place of residence: Copenhagen
Marks: Scar in his face - from a dog + tattooing at left shoulder
Favourite group/soloist: Many!
Favourite food: Mexican, sushi, and hot chilli
Favourite movie: Moonbase Alfa
Favourite TV-program: Ricky Lake + David Letterman
Favourite book: I have never read a book
Favourite property: My clothes and my CDs
Favourite clothes: Bare ass with kilt and a lot of colours
Car/motor cycle/bike: I prefer to walk
Pet: Secret
Hobby: To write to Aqua
Best experience: When my daughter come to the world
Worst experience: Having my appendix removed
Biggest strength: My "go on power"
Biggest weakness: Bad phone manners
What are you doing in a few years: ?
Education: Cand D. Master
Earlier jobs: DJ in Scandinavia and the South
The career height: The appreciative audience to Aqua
Heroes and models: Nobody




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