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You certainly can't miss Lene. With her outrageous dress sense, huge platform boots, cropped tops and hipsters, and that flaming shock of bright red hair, she out-spices even Geri (who is out of Spice Girls... -red). She's also got the biggest tattoo known to man (or woman), an eagle engraved on her upper right arm. It looks more suitable for a motorbike riding Hells' Angel than the lead singer of a pop band, but when she's asked about it, she laughs. "It isn't real. I've over 30 of them with the same design." She reckons they bring her luck; since she started wearing them, the band's first international hit, Barbie Girl, has done phenomenally well, earning the band gold and platinum discs all over the world; even in the States. Funnily enough, although Lene's partly responsible for inflicting Barbie Girl on the world, she never even played with Barbie dolls when she was a kid. "I was a bit of a tomboy and would rather kick a football around," she says.
Tomboy or not, her first step towards global fame was becoming a model, although she quickly found out that it wasn't the best job in the world. "All the bitchiness and competition in the modelling world caught up with me very quickly." It didn't take her long to decide that there were better jobs to be had in front of the camera; next, she landed a job as a children's television presenter in Norway. It was while she was "discovered" by René. He heard her sing and was apparently so bowled over by her voice that he asked her if she'd like to sing in the band he'd formed with Claus and Soren.
The meeting led not only to Lene joining the band but also a three year relationship with René, which ended some time ago. She's now dating a guy from Denmark although the sudden, astronomical success of Aqua means that life is now megabusy. It also makes it difficult for Lene to see her family, who live near Oslo in Norway, particularly as the band is based in Denmark. "When I first joined Aqua I had to move to Denmark and was dreadfully homesick," she told a magazine recently. Lene's live wire performances on stage are legendary - Soren says she metamorphoses when she's performing. "She's kind and thinks a lot about other people," he says, "but she turns into the other Lene when she's on stage."

Name: Lene G. Nystrøm
Nickname: Grunda Pruppen, The Nugget, Lemon, The Babe
Place of birth: Toensberg - Norway
Date of birth: Oktober 2. 1973
Eye color: Green - brown (after mood)
Hair color: Dark brown - a little bit chestnut
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Sisters: Emilie 30 years old
Parents work: Dad - Supervisor for ELF in the Northsee
Mum - full-time housewife
Boyfriend: Marius Folvik ??
Place of residence: Copenhagen
Marks: The smile, big scar on left knee.
Favourite group/soloist: eels, Ash
Favourite food: Mexican
Favourite movie: Ford Fairlane - loves science fiction
Favourite TV-program: Haven't time
Favourite book: There are many - I read a lot
Favourite property: My sleepingbear Banderas. He (rabbit) is with me everywhere, mine shoes, rucksack
Favourite clothes: Everything with many colours
Car/motor cycle/bike: Renegade, Wrangler, motorcycle - an old BMW, mountain bike, Everything is thing I will to have!
Pet: Mine boxer Sara + the boys in Aqua
Hobby: Sing, train, travel, Aqua
Best experience: Secret - deep, deep undercover
Worst experience: When I was act before a swimming pool, I was so unlucky that I fall in it!
Biggest strength: My humour, impulsive
Biggest weakness: I am impatient
What are you doing in a few years: Live the life - I haven't time to that now!
Education: Student - guideschool
Earlier jobs: Bartender, goldsmith clerk, model, TV-anchor man
The career height: We are on our way!
Heroes and models: Betty Boo, Marilyn Monroe, Juliette Lewis




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