Alicia Silverstone Videos



Alicia on MTV 97.mpg 1.6MB {1,661KB}

A scene courtesy of MTV with Alicia before the Annual 1997 MTV Movie Awards. {SONY}

Alicia talks on Excess 1MB {1,074KB}

14 second encounter of Alicia's thoughts on how it was to film Excess Baggage. {SONY}

Alicia talks on Excess 773KB

Alicia's thoughts of Emily. {9 sec.} Courtesy of Sony {}

Batman and Robin-Batgirl.mpg 1.6MB {1,671KB}

A scene from Batman and Robin containing Alicia as batgirl. {9 sec.} Courtesy of W.B and E.T

Batman and Robin-Batgirl2.mpg 1.8MB {1,888KB}

Another scene from B&R. {11 sec.} Courtesy of Warner Bros. and Entertainment Tonight

Excess Baggage Trailor.mpg 5.1MB {5,120KB}

A 30 second cinema trailor for the movie Excess Baggage. {COLUMBIA}

Excess Baggage.mpg 2.5MB {2,575KB}

A shorter trailor for Excess Baggage {15 sec.} Courtesy of Columbia

Jim Carrey kissing Alicia.mpg 3.7MB {3,704KB}

What more can I say! {21 sec.}

Alicia talks on Batgirl costume.mpg 2.6MB {2,788KB}

Alicia talks to Access Hollywood {3/4/97} about how it was to wear costume. Courtesy of Access Hollywood.

Alicia & Benecio's talk on love.mpg 1.6MB {1,598KB}

Alicia and Benecio talk about love in a scene for Excess Baggage.

Alicia in trunk.mpg 1.2MB {1,253KB}

Alicia in the scene in Excess Baggage with her in the boot. Courtesy of SONY


Alicia.wav 145KB From Clueless
"Sometimes you have to show a little skin, this reminds guys of being naked and then they think of sex!"

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